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     All fees must be paid in full prior to the first date of any reserved time, league or contract unless

    otherwise agreed to in writing by Courtside Sports Center.


     Each player participating in any program or league must submit a fully executed waiver form, either directly

    or as part of the registration package forwarded to Courtside Sports center by team's organizer.


     All fees paid to Courtside Sports Center are non-refundable. Registrants shall not be permitted to pay pro-rated fees.

   Cancellations due to weather may be made up if possible but are not guaranteed.


     Courtside Sports Center utilizes on-site security cameras which record video of patrons in/out of facility. By entering

   Courtside Sports Center you are consenting to being videotaped while in facility.


     Courtside Sports Center may periodically photograph activities at the facility that may result in photographs of patrons that later may appear in

   promotional materials.  By entering Courtside Sports Center you are consenting to being photographed and promotional use of said photograph.


     NO SPECTATORS/ SIBLINGS allowed on playing fields. They must remain in designated seating areas and are not allowed to roam the facility.

    They are not allowed on any vacant courts or turf playing fields and must remain only in the area for which the came to view.


     Absolutely NO SPITTING is permitted.  If caught you will be immediately removed from the facility. NO EXCEPTIONS



     No person ( whether or not participating in an activity( may pull, hang on or harm any netting or basketball hoops in the building.


     Any person causing damage to any Courtside Sports Center property shall be held accountable to reinburse Courtside Sports Center, in full,

    for all repairs or replacement expenses arising from such conduct.


     Any person caught littering on the property of Courtside Sports Center, specifically including, but not limited to, the parking lot and surrounding

    areas, shall be denied access to Courtside Sports Center.


     Courtside Sports Center has no responsibility whatsoever for any personal belongings that are lost, disappear or may be stolen from its' premises.


     Courtside Sports Center reserves the right to assess and collect damaged from any person who violates any rule and/or regulation of the facility

    or causes damage to any person or property.  Parents and/or guardians are responsible for the conduct of minors.


     Any person injured at Courtside Sports Center must file an injury report at front desk prior to leaving.


     Any person unwilling to comply with the rules and regulations of Courtside Sports Center may be denied access to and shall not be entitled

    to any refunds.



     Smoking, vaping and all tobacco products are absolutely prohibited both inside and on the property of Courtside Sports Center.


     NO FOOD of any type allowed past main entrance.


     NO GUM allowed in facility. Failure to deposit gum in trash can will result in automatic eviction from building. 


     NO DRINK to be brought on any playing surface (either court or turf). All drinks MUST be in a non-spillable sports bottle.

    Absolutely NO COFFEE DRINKS allowed on any playing surface.


     COFFEE / ICE COFFEE prohibited from facility unless in a spill proof travel cantainer



     NO CLEATS ALLOWED in facility. Only flat bottom sneakers allowed


     All footwear to be worn on playing fields must be carried into facility and changed into before stepping on playing surface.

    Courtside Sports Center has the right to deny anyone without proper footwear access to the playing fields.